Who we are

Hemdanco is one of the leading agro trading companies that provides the local market with a wide range of goods such as wheat, sunflower meal, soybeans and yellow corn all imported from the best farms in Europe with the highest quality according to the SGS.


Back in 1989 Hemdanco group was 1st established as a small family business to supply the local market with different grains in average of 1500 tons per month, such as soybeans ,sunflower meal ,wheat and yellow corn, with hard work and determination Hemdanco expanded to be a group of companies that complete each other in the trade and supply process in 2011 and started to plant fields of beet and distribute beet pulp among the local marketers.

Today , Hemdanco is one of the leading companies in Egypt and the middle east in supplying agricultural crops through indirect trade with an average of 400,000 tons annually to supply all the local oil factories in Egypt.


We are aiming to expand and cooperate with partners in new areas in the middle east as we trade the most important seeds in the grain market and to trade and import directly as a main importer ,not only that but also we’re looking forward to export worldwide beet an beet pulp (large animal feed) to reach over 100,000 tons seasonally.

Why Hemdanco

As a main oil grain supplier in Egypt ,we do provide the following companies with high standard and quality seeds to meet their expectations and for us to gain their forever trust. Some of these companies are:

  1. Waadi foods
  2. 5 stars
  3. Feedmix
  4. New hope Egypt
  5. Danon
  6. Akma
  7. Cbc
  8. Middle east


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